Demo Notes

This is an area where I'm going to write out things I'm planning on changing, adding, etc. Since this product is still very much in development, I thought it'd be helpful to jot these things down so you can see what's already been planned for/suggested.

I'm still happy to receive feedback - you can DM me on Twitter!

About the Demo Itself

  • Experience Points, Streaks, and the like aren't currently stored anywhere, but I'm working on setting up calculations for them.
  • I'm using "Nature's Superlatives" mainly as a playground for building different question types and figuring out what works and what doesn't. For example, I find the multiple-selection "match the species to the family"-eqsue question to be a little clunky.


  • My background is in web development, so I'm building that first to figure out the features I want to include. I'll be building an app shortly because I think that's how most people will use this.
  • I probably won't do tracks and sounds for courses like "Nature's Superlatives", but I will for courses like "New England" or similar.
  • I'd like to include little tidbits of information throughout the lessons, mainly in the feedback after a user submits an answer. For example, defining "ovoviviparous" when describing how whale sharks are born. As such, I imagine doing a Taxonomi lesson might take a bit longer than a Duolingo lesson because of the bit of extra reading, but I think that's ok.
  • I'll have options for people to turn off sound, reduce motion, etc.