Struthio camelus

Common Ostrich
Photo by Weldon Kennedy, used under CC BY 2.0 source

Common Ostrich

This swift, flightless bird boasts the title of the largest in the world. Native to the vast savannas and grasslands, it's recognized for its long neck, powerful legs, and an uncanny ability to cover ground with impressive speed.

eggs weigh up to 1.4kg (3lb)

can grow up to 2.75m (9ft) tall

Taxonomic Rank Scientific Name Common Name
Kingdom Animalia Animals
Phylum Chordata Chordates
Class Aves Birds
Order Struthioniformes Cassowaries, Emus, Kiwis, Ostriches, and Rheas
Family Struthionidae Ostrich
Genus Struthio Ostrich
Species Struthio camelus Common Ostrich

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